Friday, August 8, 2008

Used Harley- Davidson Motorcycle

When it comes to motorbikes, I can say that one of my bro has some authority over it although he is not an expert. Having quite a few motorbikes in his possession, he can easily say if a motorbike is in a good shape or not. He is also into buy and sell of used motorbikes when time permits. We all know that aside from cars, motorbikes are guy’s big toys and you’d not wonder anymore that there are guys that really have an obsession over them that some of them collect cars and motorbikes. Of course they’d prefer vintage ones or those that will still have value through the years.

For motorbike aficionados who would not want to have Harley Davidson bikes to show off their friends and family. One time, I saw a herd of motor bikers across the hi-way in Australia and what makes them noticeable is that they are using Harleys. Guys wearing black jackets and black shoes with helmets and sexy girls behind their backs would surely attract attention. My bro would definitely drool over Harleys but I don’t think he can afford to get one. Oh well just in case you are looking fort used Harleys , you can check bec. you they can get it at a much affordable price.

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