Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A New DSLR for me?

I have been taking a lot of photos lately and trying to make artistic shots and all but frankly, i am not satisfied with them. I am using a Canon 400d DSLR but some of my pics (esp. in low lights) don't come out sharp as I wanted it to be. I know I can sharpen it up at Photoshop but I am just curious if I can get a photo so sharp w/o manipulating it on Photoshop.

I also reckon that it has something to do with my lens, I am currently using my kit lens which is only 18-55mm but in fairness, i got some good shots using it though. I guess i need new good lens perhaps a fix 50mm lens with wide aperture or maybe a telephoto one?

Gosh, I am just reading reviews of the new Canon 450d and the Nikon d60 and it makes me want to upgrade immediately. I am still holding on I can still wait next Christmas..

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