Monday, April 28, 2008

My new printer

Are printers really disposable these days? I asked that question because my last printer that I purchased 8 months ago an HP D2460 is already jamming papers frequently and that is soooooo annoying! Most of the printers are light weight now and not for heavy duty printings unlike my Hp deskjet that i used for almost 7 or 8 years eventhough I used refill cartridges on it.

The salesman at Greenhills told me that printers are disposable now a days ever since people used refill inks for their printers (i'm one of those Can't blame me I save a lot by doing this. I purchased a new printer HP 910 (i love HP products) yesterday in Greenhills and I will NOT use refill the cartridges anymore on this one. I hope this will last for a longer time.

What about you are you using refill cartridges or inks for your printers?

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My new printer HP D910 bought this for Php 4,950 or about US$ 115

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