Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My to do List

I have many things to accomplish this week and next week and I hope I can do all of them. here's my list:
  1. Mail the pasalubong that I have for Zanne this week sana hehe (sorry Zanne)
  2. Have my over 1,000 digi photos printed from my recent trip to Sydney
  3. Get my EON card at Union Bank next week
  4. Canvas prices of Canon 50mm f1.8 and EFS 28-105mm lenses
  5. Upgrade my HP desktop memory from 2.5 MB to 3GB
  6. Visit my dentist for my regular teeth cleaning
  7. Go to the salon for a hair spa, my hair is already dry bec. we have been on the beach and sun all the time when I was in Australia
I know you have your To Do List too, so I wanted to know them. I think this is fun so I am starting this tag. Have fun !!!. Let me know if you are done already, ok.?

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