Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Campus Book Rentals

Going to college can be so expensive for a lot of students. Not getting a scholarship means that you need to pay full price of your tuition fees. Aside from that, acquiring books that you’ll be using during your studies is needed.

Some books are extremely costly and not every college student can afford to purchase them. Most college students also worry that the books that they bought will lose its value at the end of the term and selling them at lower price is something that they don't want to consider.

The thought of renting books will come to the picture as it can extremely help college students to save money while studying. Campus Book Rentals has a wide selection of text books that any college student will need.

Here are some perks that you can get when you rent books at Campus Book Rentals:
~Lower cost. You can save from 40 and up to 80% when you rent books because new books can cost much higher than renting.

~Convenient. Books that rented online will be sent through mail and delivered in front of your doorstep. No need to go to your local bookstore to find and buy your book. Shipping (both ways) is also for FREE so this is a plus!

~You have the options to choose how long you want to keep the book

~Books can be highlighted and underlined for your convenience

~You can avail of their Rent Back program. This program allows students to have their own books rented by other students and as a result, students can earn from that.

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With all the savings that students can get from renting books, every college students should know that they don’t need to break their bank just to acquire the books that they need.

Campus Book Rentals not only rent out books but they also do humanitarian missions. For many years, they have partnered with Operation Smile, an organization that helps poor children with cleft lip and palate to get surgeries. This year, they are dedicated to set aside $90,000 in textbook scholarships that will be distributed to students in many communities. I Love their mission to help students and children that need help.

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