Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Plan and Prepare for a Day Spa Visit

Day spas in PA are often the perfect escape for those who need a relaxation after a long, grueling day. However, in order to enjoy that moment of total freedom and comfort, you need to know how to plan for a trip to the day spa. Otherwise, you’ll come unprepared, and you won’t be able to make the most of your experience. So follow these tips and suggestions for the ultimate escape!


First things first, choose a spa you wish to go to. You’ll want to find out which spas are in somewhat close driving distance and have decent reputations. Among these spas, see what services are offered. Some spas are designed to be more like beauty salons, while others relate more to holistic healing. Look online to see if the spa offers that mud-bath treatment you want, and don’t forget to examine the prices. Some services may come in packages, so see what these are and what you’ll have to pay for them.

Also research what the facilities are like and who will be administering these services. Look at the staff’s credentials and qualifications. Go with the spa that appeals to your body’s needs and wallet the most. Then decide on a date to go. Confer with your group so you can pool schedules and decide on the best time. Aim for a weekday morning, when the spa is usually less busy. Set up an appointment when you’ve made these decisions.


You might wonder how you should prepare your body for an appointment at day spas in PA. For one, know that you should shower as well as shave your legs and armpits prior to the appointment. Put on deodorant and take care of other hygiene needs. Staff will be in close contact and touching you, especially if you’re undressed, so you will want to look and smell okay. There will be a locker at the day spa, so keep in mind these size limitations when you’re storing away your clothing; they may not fit or may wrinkle if you bring the wrong clothes. Don’t neglect to pack your bathing suit, workout clothes, or even your own spa robe if you prefer it. Remember to dress comfortably and leave jewelry at home.

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