Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping vol. 1

Only 34 more days and the most wonderful and joyous event in the world is here again. Christmas has always been so festive and fun. It's the time to be merry for we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Gift giving is something we all do.

I have started my Christmas shopping already since last week and I am so excited to shop for gifts. I am not yet done though, still a long way to go for I have yet to find more gifts especially to my brothers and uncle. I'm thinking of getting the web to print software comparison software for my uncle who has a business, headphone for my nephew and I guess leather jewelry box for my aunt.

My list is getting filled already but I still need more funds hehe.. Not to worry about that anyway. Can't wait for my shopping day once again and I hope early December I'm done already so I can wrap all of them and put them under our Christmas tree.

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