Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Security

When it comes to home security we don’t need to be complacent all the time. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to burglar-proof our house, our efforts seem futile because these crooks are also hi-tech already. It’s just sad to know and hear in the news about crimes committed by person who has nothing to do in life but to steal and hurt other people because they wanted money.

We need to check on our doors all the time if the locks are always working before we go out of the house and before we sleep. More houses and establishments are also putting up cctv cameras that can also help in solving any crime that might happen in the area.

I have always been conscious about our locks in our house for a number of robbers already have entered in our house in the past. It’s always a sad scenario every time we see our front and back doors wrecked because of forceful entries. We have no other option but to look for a locksmith to fix what has been left broken by the burglars. I’m praying that with the added steel fences and gates in the house, no more similar incident will happen in the future. Knowing someone has entered the house while we are away is so alarming and scary.

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