Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday, No Shopping

Just came back home, I left my niece at the salon to have her nails done and for a hair spa. It will be a relaxing day for her there for sur, i left bec. I could not wait for her bec. I know it will take time so I went back home. I'm not going anywhere today, no shopping for me cuz I am saving for many things. I have lots of projects to buy this year so "my belt" is tightened up for a while.

I am actually thinking of buying a laptop that I can use at the house. I prefer an HP one like my desktop here at my shop bec. I know it is durable and can perform well. I also would love to buy some accessories like a Hoya filter and lens hood for my DSLR camera. Oh boy my photography hobby is getting expensive huh. Right now I am just here are my store (eventhough it is closed, surfing and at the same time flippin' some magazines when I got bored and watching at the TV. yay, multitasking lol. Just noticed at the mags and shows that celebs are getting thinner and thinner each day huh, i bet they are using diet pills, exercising much or starving themselves to make them look that way. Sometimes it's not healthy looking anymore. Hmm just my thoughts today.

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