Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day at the Salon

My niece Kuks and I went to church this morning and after lunch, I accompanied her to our favorite nearby salon. The owner and our favorite hair cutter was not there to cut my niece's hair but we are already there so we just settle for him instead. I just told him the cut that I wanted for my niece and looked while he was doing it.

There is no manicurist at that time too so we just settled for the cutting of hair. It was weird not to see the hairdresser wet the hair. He just cut it after combing it. Hmmm I am guessing that is the new technique or perhaps he is just in a hurry bec. a uute new customer came for his service hehe.

Anyway, the cutting was just in a flash, I think only around 30 mins. or so. He did ironed her hair too and I asked him to shave her eyebrows. Oh well it was a nice cut, he cut off about 4 inches of her hair and she loved it.

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