Saturday, November 8, 2008

Complete Prescription Glasses at $8

My work asks me to be in front of my computer almost 12 hours a day form Mon. till Saturday and with so many years of doing that, my 20/20 vision started to deteriorate as I age and bec. of continuous exposure to eye strain. There are time that my eyes gets itchy , strained and really tired that I already went to my eye doctor to consult it. I was prescribed a progressive lens that costs me a fortune bec. it was expensive. He even prescribes a branded eye drop which I sense that he is already ripping me off. Right now I am no longer using the eyeglasses that I got from him bec. it’s no longer helping my vision.

I am really in need of a brand new prescription and this time I don’t need an expensive one but just the right one for my eye. Been surfing the net for a while and I was directed to Zenni Optical .com where I saw that you can purchase glasses as low as $8 for a brand new one. In these times, where economy is not at its best, deals like this will always help any one that would love to have new eyeglasses. An affordable one need not always look cheap bec. over at Zenni’s they have wide selection of stylish frames that you can choose from. Your taste would always have a counterpart. All of their eyeglasses comes also with UV protection.

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