Monday, March 17, 2014

Shopping Here and There

My niece who loves fashion and music recently came home for her mini vacay in our place. What excites me is that I was able to spend quality time with her sharing some stories about her life. I was also able to go shopping with her endlessly to buy some clothes, shoes and accessories. I am no fashionista nor even close to be a good dresses (lol) but when I'm with her I feel like I can mix and match every little dress or top that I have. She's a good critic too, examining what I wear and mentioning what should I pair with. She's not even half my age but her taste in fashion is that good that is why I love her...

We're also able to go to various local stores looking for some stuff like aby switch for her music needs and a LOT of clothes that she can wear for her uni, work and party. There are lots of stuff for sale in Greenhills and it's a one-stop shop where we bought all the things that she needed before she flew back in Sydney last weekend.

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