Thursday, February 27, 2014

Three Etiquette Tips When Visiting a Luxury Spa or Salon

Most people don’t get the luxury of going to the spa or salon frequently because of the cost and time necessary to make that happen. This is why many of them feel uncomfortable or uneasy with knowing how to act when they go. Luckily, there are specific etiquette tips you can follow to make sure you’re not acting inappropriately when you visit a nice luxury spa or salon in Orem for the first time.

Always Tip

Gratitude is a lost art form. Just because you are paying someone for a service doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the respect of a “thank you” after all is said and done. It’s important to thank them both with words of gratitude as well as with leaving a tip. This is tricky for some because often people go as a result of a gift certificate. Typically, gift certificates don’t include gratuities. So be ready to fork overa tip even if your experience has been covered by a gift certificate.

Make Expectations Clear

Another kind thing to do for both you and the workers at the salon or spa is to make your expectations very clear. It’s hard to do a job well if they are unclear of what exactly one wants them to do. Of course, be kind as you go about it. Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a job on toes or hair and then finding out the client wanted something else completely different. So be clear and concise as you tell them your wants. Don’t let them make assumptions or anything of that nature.

Don’t Dawdle

Realize that like restaurants, these companies rely on turnover. Sitting for hours after a treatment is over is just plain rude. Most spas have places to go to enjoy a great drink and soak up the atmosphere that will not inhibit more clients from enjoying their services. So simply speaking, be aware of others. When the service is done, you can rest for 10minutes or so but then it’s best to get up and move to another area where you will not be in the way of future clients coming into the salon in Orem.

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