Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thinking about Investing in a Badger Hair Brush?

A badger hair brush absorbs water, perfectly applies shaving cream or soap, lathers well, and leaves your facial hair and skin prepared for a clean, close shave. It is worth the investment to get one for every man’s shaving toolkit and can transform your morning routine into a relaxing experience.

 When shopping for a new brush, choose the finest grades of hair, which includes any of the following badger hair grades:
  • Pure badger 
  • Best badger 
  • Super badger 
  • Silvertip badger 
  • Special grades 

Pure badger is usually of medium length, while super badger has the longest and softest hair. You may want to visit a shaving store to feel various brush options so that you can more easily determine which grade of hair you like best.

Choose a Quality Brush

High-quality brushes can be expensive, but are usually well worth the investment. Cheaper, plastic brush handles can peel after repeated use or washing, so they won't offer the same value as a quality brush. It is normal to see some shedding, but if you find that your brush is shedding significantly within the first year, then it most likely won't provide the results that you are looking for.

Caring for It

Regularly clean your brush with water and a mild soap. Borax can also be used for an intense cleaning. Allow the brush to hang upside down to dry. If you leave it right-side up while it is wet, the water can drip into the handle and begin affecting the glue. This will cause the hairs to fall out faster and can lead to a number of other problems with your new brush.

Ask an Expert

Ask your barber or an expert at your local shaving store about what they recommend for your skin and facial hair type. There may be specific shaving products and brushes that can help to enhance your daily shave.

Once you have made the investment in a quality badger hair brush, it is important to properly care for it going forward. Consider investing in a holder or stand that will keep your brush hanging upside down whenever it is not in use.With good care, a brush can last 10-15 years.

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