Friday, July 12, 2013

Silver and Amber Jewelries

Accessories can add beauty to our wardrobe and I personally love to wear bracelets from gold, with stones or anything that I fancy. Every time I went shopping at the mall mostly in Greenhills, I never fail to stop by the jewelry and stone sections eventhough I will not buy something. I l just love taking a peek at all the different designs and styles of the jewelries that was displayed in the stalls.

Checking for new designs and other unique creations online fancy me too and I just found some nice amber jewelries and I thought it’s nice to share here. I particularly love this amber necklace that seems to have a unique shape and style, not an ordinary piece I can say. They not only sell high quality and modern amber bracelets but cufflinks, earrings, amber bracelets, rings and even sets of them, so you’ll have many choices. They uses natural Baltic amber and 92.5% sterling silver.

If i were to choose, amber jewelry sets are also perfect to collect and a nice gift as well. I have also learned that Amber stones have also 'healing powers' as believed by the Europeans and they were even called a "lucky stone". I know there are lots of women out there that love accessories and getting these amber jewelries will go well into your collection.

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