Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Converting your Roof into a Green Roof

The place that we live in now has really changed in many years already. Too much population and disrespect to Mother Nature are just some of the many factors that contributes to changes in climate and physical beauty of many places around the world.

Cutting of trees, dumping contaminated water/trash on rivers and other forms of water and continuous trashing of anything that is non-biodegradable on prohibited areas will continue to degrade the quality of fresh air and water that we can get. It’s really disheartening to know and learn the acts that many of us have done in our environment through the years. If those acts and traits will continue, I’m afraid that in less than 50 years or so, our world will never be the same again.

There has been a lot of effort by many individuals and even government and non-government organizations in preserving our environment. There has been a lot of “green campaign” around the world. Segregation of wastes, planting of trees/plants and using Eco-friendly products are just some of the many ways we can do. We all can take part and do our own little contribution in making our world a better place to live in for the next generation to come.

Most likely you’re familiar with green roof already where your roof (residential or commercial) can be transformed to a green space where plants, grass or even vegetables can be planted. Green roof can expand the life of your roof for it can reduce the amount of gathered heat from the sun. Not only that, it can reduce greenhouse gases and can become a place for relaxation or gardening. 

Converting your roof to a green roof will require the help of a specialist. If you’re in Montreal area, a (roofer) couvreur montrĂ©al will be a great help in transforming your roof to more Eco-friendly one. VTM, a (roof) toiture montreal specialist has roofing solutions that can help you carry out your ecological mission.

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