Sunday, January 20, 2013

Being a Responsible Gun Owner

It’s another national election coming up this May here in our country and for sure it will be another complex and full of drama election. Once again politicians will give talk about their platforms and their promises and I hope they are true to their word. Voters should be really wise in choosing the right candidate that they feel perfect for the position. The government has already issued a gun ban to minimize the violence during elections. We have heard a lot crimes in the news related to elections and that is something we all not happy about.

The recent “shootout” that left 13 dead happened in Quezon will test the government and the police in ruling out if it is really shootout, massacre, ambush or what. All Filipinos are watching and waiting patiently on the decision. Despite of the gun ban, brutal crimes are still happening in front of our eyes. Apart from that, the shooting  in Cavite is so disheartening because the gunman left many people dead and eventhough he got killed by the law enforcers, still the incident will never be forgotten.

Not only, those local crimes are very alarming already but we have heard about the shooting that happened in the US where small kindergarten students and some of their teachers where gun downed by a crazy gunman. I could not even believe that anyone can do such horrible thing. Innocent lives are taken in a snap and they will not be returned back.

For gun owners, they should always be responsible and all of their guns should be licensed and properly stored in a gun safe where no unauthorized person can just take it and use for crimes.Gun control is a long topic to be discussed and I just wished that those that have loose firearms will not use them in heinous and non-sense crimes. It’s just enormously hard to accept that people can be hurt or killed in just a blink of an eye by people who are irresponsible, ruthless, or just plainly insane.

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