Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Donating to Cancer Research

I could not imagine how anyone can battle deadly cancer. When we hear about cancer we often associate it with terminal disease and even death that is why we always feel devastated to know someone who has cancer and especially if we are the one stricken by deadly cancer.

Our doctors always say that at the earliest sign of any suspected disease, going to the doctor for check up is always the best for there are some types of cancer wherein the spread of the cancer cells are minimizes or put at halt when it is diagnosed at an early stage. It’s also good to know that doctors and scientists are doing their very best to find cure for cancer. They are doing research, clinical trials and diagnostic testing for possible cure and development of new drug or even machines that can help in the prevention and cure of cancer.

We can also do our part by donating any amount that we can for cancer research at wherein they are already testing new chemotherapy drug for breast cancer patients where the cancer has already spread in their brains. We always hope that this trial can help breast cancer cures all patients. I just hope that their medical research and development projects can find new life-saving drugs and advance medical gadgets to cure all cancer patients.

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