Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colorful Toryburch Flat Shoes

colorfulTB flats...

My birthday is coming soon and I'm thinking of what to give to myself this year. I already had enough of bags so I won't buy one till the end of this year. My cousin in LA will also be sending me a Coach bag  as what she has promised and I hope she'll send soon hehe. It's not easy for me to choose gifts for myself, unlike if it's for my brother or uncle, it's easy to just buy acid cigars online that I can give to them.

I was browsing online and I thought that these colorful Tory Burch flat shoes are very cute and if ever I'll buy, I'd pick the orange or maybe the dark pink one. I looked at her site and flats like these costs round $235, yay! Pretty expensive for me to buy that kind of flat shoes.

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