Monday, October 22, 2012

Movie-inspired Manicures by Kayleigh O'Connor

Batman nails forever: The media studies student, 24, decorates her fingernails with popular film, television and cartoon characters
Shark attack: The film Jaws led to this wacky designStarry stuff: R2D2 frolics among the stardust on these Star Wars-themed fingernails
Indiana Jones: Kayleigh is a huge fan of pop culture so says she will never run out of inspiration

Aren’t these nail arts so cute? It’s totally awesome! I’ve been a fan of nail art but this is my first time to saw movie-themed nails.

Kayleigh O'Connor, a 24 yr old media student from Birmingham is a great movie buff is the designer behind these wonderful nail art creations. She loves movie and pop culture and to show her love for them she paint them in her nails! I totally dig the batman nail art and I reckon it’s fun and unique and going to the movies with you batman nail art can also attract attention of other Batman fanatics. I also read that Kayleigh even dreams of opening up a salon or an online shop where nail art fanatics or other people who loves art can share with her passion.

Pretty cool! Thumbs up for this movie-themed nail art designs!

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