Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fashionable Rainboots by Plueys

Rain.. rain.. go away come again another day…

It’s Rainy seasons now here on our part of the world and sometimes the rain is sickening already. There are also flood, mud on the streets that’s why at times it’s just better to stay at home if going out is not necessary.

For some, the rain is not a hindrance to go out and still be fashionable. Here are are some cute rainboots by Plueys and you can get them at Rainboots comes in various colors and patterns that can match your taste. Price ranges from Php1,200 – 2,399.00

Here are some styles for kids. These Plueys has an rubber upper, treaded flat rubber soles and adjustable nylon splash guard, which are easy to clean. Price Php 1,200


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