Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tory Burch Metallic Canvas Mini Ella Tote

It’s Saturday now and I ‘m  suppose to be with my girlfriends at the mall right now because there's a 3-day sale everywhere but here I am stuck in the house. I don’t know, I have a different feeling and suddenly I felt lazy to go out since yesterday,  Actually, I wanted to go but there’s a side of me telling me not to go. Anyway, there’s another chance that I’ll go out after the Holy Week already.

Right now, we’re all in the house. Bro is on his laptop looking for, of course, cars and the gps for truckers. I’m on my computer as well, trying to make myself happy window online shopping.

Here’s what I want to have: Tory Burch Metallic Canvas Mini Ella Tote for $195 at

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