Friday, March 23, 2012

Printable Checklist of 50 Classics for your Closet by Match Book Mag

I was cleaning my closet the other week and I have to say that I’ve unearth some clothes (some with tags) that I have not worn or have worn once or twice. I know I’ve been buying more clothes lately but I surely can’t help to stop. New styles and colors keep coming in my fave stores so I have to upgrade my wardrobe as well.

The good thing is that I got all the clothes that I don’t want and will not use and will give it either to my SIL or to someone that might like it. I don’t want my closet to burst and end up buying huge storage lockers just to fit all of them hahaha.

Anyway, here a printable checklist of 50 Classics for your Closet by Matchbookmag  that I found online and I hope someone can use it.


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