Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleep Tight with Comfort-U Body Pillow & Snoozer® Full Body Pillow

Sleeping for most of us is luxury and we always want to sleep or rest in neat and comfortable bed to ensure well sleep. Personally, I hate beds that are too hard or too soft for it's not very comfortable and it goes also with my pillows. I'm a pillow lady and would you believe I have 6 pillows in my bed and I love how they feel in my body and how they surround me. Makes me feel secure and very comfortable.

Though I have lots of pillows already, I thought of removing some and just replace it with a body pillow just like the images that you can see. I love hugging my pillows and these looks so soft and comfortable.  Here are Comfort-U Body Pillow & Snoozer® Full Body Pillow that I found whilst browsing online.

imageSnoozer® Full Body Pillow sale at $53.99. Get them at Dream Essentials

imageComfort-U Body Pillow sale at $99.95

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