Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Add Fashion Statements to a Workplace Dress Code

It can be rough for people who love fashion when they’re working with a strict dress code. You can include diamond jewelry with any dress code, but having a few other options is desirable. Stewardesses, some retail clerks, and even waitresses have dress codes imposed upon them that can range from unflattering uniforms to cookie-cutter suits. When you’re stuck with a less than glamorous look that you are required to have to do your job, it’s a good idea to work on the little details in your professional image to help add a bit of style to your work day.

Hair and Makeup

Unless you work for a bank that defines what hair and makeup you can wear, too, this is usually not ascribed to the dress code. You can opt to put your hair up, get it styled, color it, or cut it in practically any style you want. You can usually add hair jewelry to it and accentuate the look with your makeup. Just keep your fashion suitable for the workplace so that the management does not have cause to include hair and makeup in the dress code later.

Purses and Accessories

Sometimes you can add a little snap to an outfit with a pair of new shoes or a purse. Jewelry is always a way to personalize any outfit and can give you an endless way to highlight your best features. Watches are acceptable in many office situations with models that look more like jewelry these days. Belts and even eyeglasses can turn into fashion accessories that can’t be regulated by the dress code. You can vary your purses, shoes and belts to give a different look on different days. It’s not a huge fashion statement, but it can be enough to give your fashion look a somewhat unique style despite the dress code.

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