Sunday, November 8, 2009

ANG PINAKA: Unusual Pinoy/ Filipino Traditions/ Rituals

ANG PINAKA: Unusual Pinoy/ Filipino Traditions/ Rituals, shown at ANG PINAKA over at QTV 11
1o. Canao or Kanyaw
9. Eating Dog Meat
8. Padugo - offering of animal blood on house foundation
7. Hanging Coffins - found in Sagada, Mt. Province
6. Lukayo - (Luka- Luka Kayo) - done in Laguna
5. Pinikpikan - dish from Cordillera where they need to kill the chicken by beating it's neck slowly until it dies and form blood clot.
4. Pagtatawas- performed by albularyos
3. First Mens - marked by womanhood the appearance of menstruation . Some believe that washing your face with teh blood will make your skin smooth (YUCK!!).
2. Penitensya or Self- Flagellation - implicating pain on oneseld during Holy Week
1. Crucifixion - See on only in the Philippines . This is the actual crucifixion on the cross with real nails. Popularly done in Pampanga, Bulacan and some provinces.

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