Sunday, October 11, 2009

ANG PINAKA: Kamangha-Manghang (Amazing) Daredevils

Today's episode of ANG PINAKA over at QTV is about ANG PINAKA: Kamangha-manghang Daredevils. Thank goodness Rovilson is not the host (he's absent yehey!!) . The Ang Pinaka's substitute host is : sexy Daiana Menezes

Here's the list
10. Jeb Corliss - skydiver
9. Larry Walters- Balloon guy
8. Eddie Kidd - motorcycle stunt daredevil
7. Robbie Knievel - son of Evel Knievel the famous motorcycle daredevil
6. Annie Edson Taylor - in 1901 she became the 1st woman to ride in Niagara Falls inside a barrel
5. Charles Blondin - in 1859 crossed Niagra Falls in a tightrope
4. Phillippe Petit - French High wire artist
3. Alain Robert - French urban climber, known as French Spiderman
2. Evel Knievel - Motorcycle daredevil- King of Daredevils
1. Harry Houdini - Escape Artist - illusionist and magician

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