Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surplus Goodies

My friend and I are actually loving online shopping these days and to tell you the truth they have purchased quite a lot bot just for their kids and husbands but for them selves as well. Thanks to our online friends who are in the US who keeps on showing us stuff to be purchased hehe. How can we resist shopping especially if we can get the item at a discounted price much lower than the regular price in the malls? It’s a good steal for all of us.

Just now I saw some surplus goodies online and I have to share this to them for I know they’ll be feasting with the products from clothing, electronics and more. How’d I wish I have lots of saving so that I can easily shell out some money in a swift. Just the case I’m still going to browse the items and who knows I might put some on my shopping cart. C’mon let’ shop.

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