Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are all Booked !!!

Went at Cebu Pacific ticketing office last Sunday with my niece to purchase our tickets. We'll be having a 4D3N vacation in Hongkong in Dec. before Christmas and we are all excited over it already. I wasn't lucky enough bec. I wasn't able to get their promo ticket price and that is disappointing. The discount should be enough for a shopping pocket money..

Anyway, i bought 8 tickets (7 adults and 1 child) and I booked early bec. we don't want to miss the chance of the exact date booking. You know Dec. is a peak season for holiday goers so it's reasonable to book early. It's better to be early than loose the preferred dates that we want.

Now that we are all booked, we need to look for affordable hotels that we can stay in. You know hotels are kinda expensive esp. when it is holidays where tourists flock and i hope we can get extended stay hotels or any hostels that is affordable. I will leave that thing to my sister since she'll be the one paying for that.

Wahooo.. we'll be seeing HONGKONG Disneyland soon! The kids are excited already!!

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