Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet Miley Cyrus Contest/ Get the Chance to Meet Miley Cyrus in Person!

Get the Chance to Meet Miley Cyrus in Person by joining the Meet Miley Cyrus Contest by Access Hollywood and OMG Yahoo. Just simply ask a question to Miley and if she chooses it then you'll win.

UPDATE: The contest is CLOSED already. Watch the videos of the contest winners and more


  1. Dear Miley,

    What is the inspiration for your songwriting?


    Your biggest fan

  2. Dear Miley,
    What is your cell phone number?

  3. Dear miley ,
    who was your inspitation to begin acting and singing ? also how hard is balancing acting and singing and also trying to be a regular teenager ?
    Thank you,
    Paige T. Besser

  4. hmm, miley, im curios to know if you are going to go to college and if you do, what are you going to go for? and whats it like to work with you mom?

  5. Dear Miley,

    Who helped you fulfill your goal of being a singer? I've always been a BIG fan of yours and love your singing no matter what anyone says about you.I think your a really good actor.And another question is:Are you staying as Hannah Montana?



  6. dear miley,

    what was is your biggest dream in life?what inspired you to do acting and also how hard is it to be a regular teen and a popsensation also.

    thanks much,

  7. dear miley

    how hard is it being a celebrity and a teen at the same time. do you like it when you go somewhere and cant be a regular teen, fans just push themselves on you

    sincerest shem1234

  8. hey
    when u are singing acting and song writing do u go to normal school ?and do u feel like u want a girls night out ?or just be with ur familly normal?
    i really think u have friends who r lucky to have u
    oh and one more question did u ever think to go to egypt
    ur fan salwa from egypt!

  9. Whats your favorite thing to do on our day off?

  10. Miley,
    If you could choose a bird to have for a pet what kind of bird would you have?

  11. Dear Miley,
    How long could you hold your breath?

  12. I know that as a kid your dad had you around female rockers. Which one do you think has influenced you the most and why?

  13. dear Miley,

    you are my inspiration. is it your fan, family,friends or maybe even all three that inspire you to be a good role model.

    p.s please pick me as the winner of the contest because I realy wanna meat you so that you can inspire me even more :)

    kaylisha estevez

  14. Dear Miley,

    How have you dealt with all of this fame at such a young age?


    Grace Cato

  15. Hey Miley-
    I was wondering how it is you came to be. I know about your dad and family being the biggest impact and help, I wanna know what really makes you who you are. Your one of the biggest celebrities in this world, and it's amazing how your only 16!!! Anyways just wanted to ask a question to you! It's kinda cool to do this if you would really respond to these people on here, your doing an awesome job. God Bless....
    Funny Guy, Brian

  16. Hey it's Brian again!! I'm not wanting to meet you all that much, I would like to, but the chances are slim right! I just wanted to also know if you ever think about what life would be not being famous?? I wanna know how different it is? Thankyou!

  17. My email is for updates on this site to be sent!!! Thx- Brian

  18. dear miley i want to meet you in person so bad you are my inspiration i have posters of you cds books and a back stage pass but i daont have hannah montana /miley cyrus tickes i think you rock my number is 803-389-5927

  19. dear miley im a big fan i wanna meet you really bad who inspired you to sing?

    Love Adam

  20. Dear Miley,

    This is Austin Gilbert, My sister and I really want to meet you. We are big fans of your show. Anyways, I wanna know what everyone else wants to know, who inspires you, your fans or you parents? Please pick us. We really think you're funny, beautiful, and an awesome actress. Hope you pick us.

    Sincerely, Austin Gilbert

  21. i wood like to meet miley cyrus

  22. dear miley,

    you are the best singer i have ever herd i am your biggest fan ever and in my world you are the most populist and most incredible person.
    I love your songs.I can't stop listening to them

    from your biggest fan Indy

  23. dear Miley,

    can you please pick me?
    im you biggest fan you are the best singer i have ever herd and in my world you are the best in the whole wold of acting singing being butiful ang being your self so please pick me cause sinse i was 5 i have always wanted to meet you and im 10 now

    from your biggest fan indy

  24. dear miley,

    please pick me i am your biggest fan
    sines i was 5 i have always waned to meet you and now i am 10 and in my world you are the best actor singer most beautifulest and bye being your self

  25. dear Miley,

    how do you sing very good?
    you are the best singer in my world
    you have the sweetest voice and you are so buitiful.your the best actor and singer. you are so good at singing

  26. Dear Miley,

    Who is your favorite song writer and how did u figure out you really loved singing? Because i really LOVE singing and i would like for you to give me tips. :) I love singing your songs because you are a great song writer. One of my favorite songs of yours is I'm Still Good well pick who's ever question is best! :) LOVE YA!

    Love, Kassie


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