Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Summer Now!

It’s official, it’s SUMMER already and arghhh it’s freaking hot outside!! Temperatures are ranging from 33-37C and the weather bureau announced that it will be even hotter in the next few months. Holy molly even hotter? It’s already hot and humid enough, but what can we do, we are in a tropical country where it is HOT, sticky and humid esp. in summer (March – May).

What a better way to cool off is to open the air conditioner and just don’t leave the room but when you think of the electric bills you’ll end up not opening it anymore. Speaking of AC, I need to have our A/C here in my store clean and check up soon bec. for sure it will be on everyday all thorough out summer. I know it will be good if I’ll have it checked by professional like All Year Electric contractor and air conditioning dealer that I saw online. It’s also the Fire Prevention month so we need to have our electric wires checked by professionals. Nothing is better than being careful nowadays.

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