Saturday, March 21, 2009

BARBIE Turns 50 !!/ 50 years of Barbie/ Barbie Celebrates 50 years

BARBIE Turns 50!!, the most well-loved doll by girls. Through the years Barbie dolls have been played by kids all over the world. I don't remember playing with her when I was growing up bec. I never had one.. dunno why? Maybe bec. it was expensive that time, but today, BARBIE is the word of the mouth by kids, that even imitations are made and eventhough it's not BArbie, kids still call it Barbie lol..

Anyway, this year Barbie Celebrates 50 years. Barbie Millicent Roberts turned 50 but she don't look her Barbie is manufactured by MATTEL, Inc. You can find lots of Barbie in themes, Barbie in party attire, sports, princess, Barbie wearing different national costumes .. name it!

Ahhh my nieces are getting ga-ga over her that they want to buy lots of barbie doll's stuff.. Cheers to Barbie!

1959 1st Barbie Doll commercial

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