Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I miss my Nifty Fifty

Day 20: Broken! :(
It's been over 2 weeks already that I broke my nifty fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8) lens and I am missing it so much. I guess it's also a blessing in disguise bec. now I have lots of time using my new 18-200mm which I always use as my everyday lens. I am planning of buying one again since I don't think it will be fixed anymore.I just need to find a store that has it on sale and aside from that I want to get a UV filter and a lenshood. I already called Henry's in Quiapo and it costs P4,000 while the lenshood is not available since my lens is still new in the market.

Oooppps aside from that, I also need a video card for the other pc here on my shop. It's been a while that it is not in use, so I guess it's time to replace the sparepart.

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