Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lookin' Forward To Shop Tomorrow

Yes,!!! finally it's weekend once again and I just can't wait for tomorrow cuz I'm going out to the mall to treat myself for a week long work. I guess I have to give myself a nice new pair of sandals, a bag or a Rackmount monitor? Not so sure yet what I will buy but definitely I need to reward myself. My sandals needs a replacement already but still I have to control myself bec. I might end up impulse buying again. You know stores sometimes put big sale signs that I can't

I also need to go to Canon Service center to have my 50mm lens checked for it is not working after I accidentally dropped my crumpler bag with my camera and the lens in it. It's such a heartbreaking thing for me bec. I am the one who broke it. Geezz I hope it will be fixed or else I have no choice but to buy another one.

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