Monday, January 5, 2009

Cold Days Ahead

Yay, it's been days that we have experienced such a cold spell. It's such a breather from the long hot temp that we had in the past months. Old jackets or shawls are now being taken out of the cabinets bec. of the cold weather. More people are seen wearing them even in the afternoon, such a sure sign it is cold. I heard on the news that the coldest this month is at 19C and they say it will continue till next month. Brrrrrr..

We are in a tropical country so a sudden drop of temp will make us shiver already. My mom is not enjoying it anyway, you'd see her with her socks on during the night and we can never take a bath with a cold water. I am sure it's more comfortable if we have a tankless water heater at home. The weather makes us a bit lazy to get up each morning plus people are more prone to get sick. Right now I have a sore throat and have been eating lots of citrus fruits.

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