Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopping is Addictive?

I know many women will agree on me on this one bec. we love shopping as all men already know. I guess there are only quite a few woman who doesn't enjoy such. Just go to the malls every weekend and what else can you see? Women shopping with their men in tow lol. Men hate it actually, dunno why. Women tend to go to one store from another to see different shoe styles and all. We'll try to fit it one by one even if we are not buying. Why not?

When we buy something there's a different euphoria that we get out of it but you know what it is addictive. I have know some people who become restless when they don't go to the malls and buy anything even if they don't need it. Good thing is that they have money to splurge on their addictive hobby. Blame it also on the flashy digital signage of stores that are calling us to shop. lol. I reckon we still need to control ourselves from doing that or else we will go broke.

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