Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iphone 3G and more...

Technology has really enveloped us these days that we almost rely on the benefits it can give to us. One of the means of communication which is so easy, fast and most widely used these days is the use of mobile phones. I reckon millions of people not just here in Asia but all over the world have found mobile phones so convenient to use. Just like here in the Phils., there are thousands of stalls selling mobile phones, accessories, loads (credits) and more. Such a good business to be on these days.

There are many cellphone styles and brands that are coming up every year and people where always excited to know what is the latest and trendiest in the market. My sister even want this iPhone by Apple for her b-day and I bet she’ll bug her husband for that.


  1. ooohh.. iphone! its been out here in the US for a week now and its been selling like a pancake!! i heard apple sold 1million unit just the first day... not sure if its true. coolest phone ever! for me... just blog hopping pls visit my blog bermuda or la

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