Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cool and Sleek Laptop bags

Just got hold of this cool laptop bags online and they sure looks so stylish and usable as well. It can even match the outfit that you have. If you are more free spirited and adventures there are designs that will suit your taste. Those that still love the classic laptop bags, they are still perfect to bring anywhere you go.
Here are some of the bags that I found so sleek and fresh

1. From , perfect for sweet lil gals and is available in 2 sizes 15" laptops ($165) & 17" laptops ($175) with Matching clutch & mirror included! isn't this cute and fashionable? !

2. Patrcia Gardenia bag from, available in many colors and designs as well. They have sale ongoing right now.

3. Metro Orange bag from If you love bold and attractive colors then this will suit you. Available in many colors at their site.

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