Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I went shopping in 'SPACE'

My niece Kukay and I went to the mall on Sunday after having mother's day lunch with my family at a nearby mall in our area. I don't know but every weekend I find it very conducive to shop or just stroll the mall. I have been working one whole week so i reckon it is but nice to unwind and relax for a while at the mall. A simple treat to myself will do to cheer me up and keep me going.

We went to all to almost all the shops in Robinson's Galleria hoping to find a nice blouse and a bag for myself, I have not bought any since I came back home. I saw a nice bag but there is no stock anymore, I don't want to get the display so I end up buying no bag. We went inside Bayo, Plains and Prints, Celine, and more but when i got inside the SPACE shop (2f Robisnons galleria) it is there where i found a nice blouse for myself. I fitted it and I liked it although it's not on my budget range..lol.. Oh well at least I bought something for myself that Sunday.

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