Sunday, March 9, 2008

Went out shopping

Hello there guys.. I hope you are all doin fine. My sis and I went out on Thursday. We 1st went to her doctor’s clinic for her follow up ultrasound of her thyroid. It was a pretty quick and just few hours we were able to get the results.

Anyway, it was raining so hard that morning and I almost freeze, lol. We saw a shop that will close out soon so we bought some stuff there. We then went to Target and David Jones store to see what’s on sale. There were lots of clearance sale at Target esp. the summer clothes that they are disposing.

Since winter is coming in no time most of the displays are winter clothes now both for women and men's fashion Just love what they have on display. Sis Joy got some for the kids and she bought me a nice pair of shoes (we had the same but of different color.

Ahhh… I just love shopping and tell me who doesn’t??

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