Friday, September 7, 2007

Fork Bracelets

I was watching a local Sunday program where they featured unique accessories like this FORK BRACELET, which i find unique and stylish. It's my 1st time to have heard of it and i thought it was cool. The bracelets are actually made of real fork where the designer just bent it to form a new unique designs and style. They also put some swarovski crystals and other beads.

Here is one example, it was from Modista, owners are Filipinos and they only sell online, not so sure if they ship internationally. I showed it to my sis and she liked it. Look this one sells at P540.00 each (around US$13)

Their prices ranges from Php 450 up, not that bad huh? You can check out their multiply site if you want


  1. jenny, ive added this blog already.pls add din naman o plssssssssss...need traffic e

  2. that's cool! ang galing mo naman Jen, dami mong alam sa shopping!hehehe!


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